LSM Section Light Source/Detector Light Source: 405 nm Semiconductor Laser, Detector: Photomultiplier
Total Magnification 108x – 17,280x
Zoom Optical Zoom: 1x – 8x
Measurement Planar Measurement Repeatability 100x : 3σn-1=0.02μm、50x:3σn-1=0.04μm、20x:3σn-1=0.1μm
Accuracy Measurement Value ±2%
Height Measurement System Revolving Nosepiece Vertical-Drive System
Stroke 10mm
Scale Resolution 0.8nm
Movement Resolution 10nm
Movement Resolution 10nm
Display Resolution 1nm
Repeatability 100x :σn-1= 0.012μm、50x:σn-1=0.012μm、20x:σn-1=0.04μm
Accuracy 0.2+L/100 μm or Less (L=Measuring Length)
Color Observation Section Light Source/Detector Light Source: White LED, Detector: 1/1.8-Inch 2-Megapixel Single-Panel CCD
Zoom Digital Zoom: 1x – 8x
Revolving Nosepiece Motorized BF Sextuple Revolving Nosepiece
Differential Interference Contrast Unit Differential Interference Contrast Slider: U-DICR, Polarizing Plate Unit Built-In
Objective Lens BF Plan Semi-apochromat 5x, LEXT-Dedicated Plan Apochromat 20x, 50x, 100x
Z Focusing Unit Stroke 76 mm
XY Stage 100 x 100 mm (Motorized Stage)
SPM Section Measurement mode Contact mode, Dynamic mode, Phase mode, Current mode*, Surface Potential (KFM) mode*, Magnetic Force (MFM) mode*
Displacement detection Optical lever system
Light source 659 nm Semiconductor Laser
Detector Photodetector
Max. scanning range X-Y: Max. 30μm x 30μm、Z: Max. 4.6μm
Cantilever mount One-touch mount using cassette-type cantilever holder. With the pre-alignment using the dedicated special tool for cantilever mounting, optical alignment is not required when replacing the cantilever
System Total weight Approx. 440 kg (excluding table)
Input rating 100 - 120 V/220 - 240V, 600VA, 50/60 Hz
Model Magnification Field of View Working Distance (WD) Numerical Aperture (NA)
MPLFLN5X 108-864X 2,560-320μm 20.0mm 0.15
MPLAPON20XLEXT 432-3,456X 640-80μm 1.0mm 0.60
MPLAPON50XLEXT 1,080-8,640X 256-32μm 0.35mm 0.95
MPLAPON100XLEXT 2,160-17,280X 128-16μm 0.35mm 0.95
Application (Usage) Product Name Type Chip Number Cantilever Probe Material Coating Metal
Frequency (kHz)
Constant (N/m)
Probe / Lever Probe side / Reflex side
Dynamic mode /
Phase mode
OMCL-AC160TS-C3 Standard silicon 24 300 26 14 7 Si / Si Non / Al
OMCL-AC240TS-C3 Medium-soft silicon 24 70 2 14 7 Si / Si Non / Al
Contact mode OMCL-TR800PSA-1 Standard silicon nitride 34 73 / 24 0.57 / 0.15 2.9 7 SiN / SiN Non / Au
Surface potential mode OMCL-AC240TM-B3 Silicon for electrical measurement 18 70 2 14 15 Si / Si Pt/Al
• The dimensions and mechanical properties shown above are typical values.
• Pay special attention as cantilevers are very small and subject to danger of getting could get into your eyes or be accidentally ingested.
• For information on using cantilevers for Current mode and Magnetic Force mode, please contact your Olympus dealer.
• In addition to the cantilevers shown here, a wide variety of cantilevers are available from Olympus. Please contact your Olympus dealer for details.