The Addictive Society and Cannabis Part II

Derek 0 13 06.25 01:31
Buy-in to the Addictive System at Your own personal Risk

MORPHEUS: "The Matrix is everywhere; it's all around us, here actually in this space. You are able to see it out of the window of yours, or on the television of yours. You think it when you go to work, or go to church, or pay the fees of yours. It is the earth that's been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth... Unfortunately no person could learn what the Matrix is. You have to view it for yourself."
In the end, it's virtually impossible NOT to buy in to the addicting system (AKA the Matrix) eventually in our lives, or in a way or even some other. Almost all around us, it can hijack just how we think, really feel as well as behave.

I mastered a concept in the 1970's that has stuck with me: context generates written content. In this particular instance, the addictive method of contemporary society is the overarching context generating content to perpetuate as well as benefit itself through the fertile niche of our minds, irrespective of possible bad outcomes.
External forces exert overwhelming impact. How we self-identify and express ourselves in the world comes not only from our loved ones but also from adapting to and also accepting what we always see and hear. We might miss an authentic link to ourselves, having accepted the identity of ours out of external dictates while the cultural language condor cbd gummies and diabetes behavior of influence limits legitimate relationship with others. (1)
Although the addicting telephone system operates invisibly, you are able to see it for yourself. Hint: The primary pillars that prop it up as well as hold it in place are: dualistic black or maybe white thinking, dishonesty, the impression of control, dependency and self centeredness. (2) Powerlessness is the primary addiction of its.
From substance abuse to process addictions, i.e. spending a lot of time on technology, or shopping too much, these often originate out of a sense of powerlessness. Mood disorders, including being regularly over-stressed, are likewise signs of buy in to the addictive system.
Those individuals that live with anxiety (and PTSD) function in crisis mode when there's simply no crisis. This has grown to be much more widespread since events of 9/11 as well as the over-dependency on cellular phones.